Call For Evidence

The Women and Equalities Committee has launched a call for evidence to a new enquiry into the Gender Recognition Act.  Evidence must be submitted by Friday 27th November 2020.

Trans Widows Voices has produced guidance for individuals and organisations to use when responding to the question regarding the Spousal Exit Clause (or Spousal Consent).  Please click the "More Information" button, below, for our full guidance.


This is not intended as a copy and paste consultation submission, rather it is a guide to understanding the existing law and emphasizes the points that are important to Trans Widows.  We would be grateful if organisations could reflect these points in their guidance and responses, and hope that individuals will also find it useful given this is an area where there has previously been much confusion and misinformation.

Trans Widows Voices will be considering our own response to the call for evidence and would appreciate any trans widows who would like to contribute to this to email their suggestions to

Please Note: If you make a submission of evidence to the committee it is very important that you do not share it publicly until after it has been published by the committee (which will be at some point after the call for evidence closes).  If you do share it prior to this it may be excluded by the committee.


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